We will be coming from Lake Bled and will have a car and would like to see Croatia for 4 days. We would like to see, Plitvice, Korucla, Split, Dubrovnik and Mostar for a little side trip. Is this too much to do? Can you give us an itenerary for 4 days minus Zagreb? Thanks!

Posted by Valerie
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Brendon, Do you have four days total, including your time in Lake Bled? I can't speak to the northern part of Croatia, but I was recently in Dubrovnik and Mostar. Dubrovnik is really beautiful but it's pretty remote. In the end, I gave up northern Croatia and flew directly to Dubrovnik because it seemed like I would need a week to really travel down the coast and see things. In addition, Mostar is not as quick a side trip from Dubrovnik as a mileage calculator would indicate. We did a day trip from Dubrovnik to Mostar and we were gone well over 8 hours. There's three border crossings involved (wild!! in and out of the same countries!!) and all the travel is on two lane roads. Just seeing Dubrovnik and Mostar requires at least two nights sleeping in Dubrovnik, with one day to see beautiful Dubrovnik and one day to set out driving to Mostar. Hope this helps some:)

Posted by Brendon
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Thanks for the info. We will have 4 full days in Croatia and 4 full days in Slovenia.

Posted by Greg
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Hi Brendon! Just a note to make sure you have a vignette on your car whilst in Slovenia when driving on freeways. Heavy fines if you dont have one and cops are postitioned exactly where they know tourists stumble across the borders. Also they drive like crazy in Europe so if you're not prepared for it then beware. On freeways in Slovenia it is 130km/hr and some do 150km/hr and boy do they like to tailgate. During summer, border crossings and the roads on the coast can be nightmarish as everyone heads for the coast. If there's an accident or something else, you can be stuck for hours. Otherwise, have a great trip! (not meant to scare anyone, but these things can happen) Greg

Posted by Frank
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I think trying to include all 5 of those places is too much for 4 days. The maximum I'd suggest is as follows, and even that IMO is a very rushed 4 days as it includes about 500 miles of driving. Leave Lake Bled early on day 1 and drive to Plitvice. Spend the afternoon exploring the park and then drive on to Split (be sure to advise your hotel of the late arrival). Spend the morning of day 2 exploring Split, and then drive to either Mostar or Korcula in the afternoon (pick one or the other). Spend the morning of day 3 there and then drive to Dubrovnik. Spend your last 2 nights in Dubrovnik, where you'll want one full day to explore the sights. Be sure to confirm the countries where you can take your rental car, as that may dictate whether you can visit Mostar. If you go to Mostar, consider Hotel Fortuna. It's nice, reasonably priced, very close to the center and has off-street parking in a courtyard.