Crete - site seeing question

I am leaning towards staying in Rethymno. I want to spend a day visiting Knossos and the Archaelogical Museum in Heraklion. I will not have a rental car. Can anyone offer advice or suggestions regarding 1) will this be easy to do with public transportaion, 2) should i book a day trip with a guided tour instead? and 3)is it possible (time wise) to combine both activities in one day? thanks.

Posted by Alan
Brighton, UK
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Christy Rethymno ia a nice little town and a good base. It's easy to get to Heraklion which is only an hour away on frequent buses. Knossos is outside the town and you will need to get another bus. It's not far but because of traffic the trip can take around half an hour. Assuming you are happy to make an early start I would say it is fine to do the two in a day. The Heraklion bus, but going in the opposite direction, will take you to Chania in about an hour. Chania is well worth a visit as well. Have a great trip. Alan

Posted by Christy
Laguna Beach, CA, USA
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Thanks for the quick reply! The information is much appreciated.