Crete or Peloponnense?

Hi, We are going to Greece in September 2013. We will have 3 days in Athens Then we have 7 days spare before sailing in the Cyclades for 2 weeks (from Paros).
We are trying to decide between Crete and Peloponnense - can you help? We enjoy holidays where we spend our time being busy rather than restful

Posted by Douglas
Oak Park, Illinois
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I have not been to Crete so I will only comment on the Peloponnese. There is certainly more than enough to keep you busy for 7 days. Nafplio is a good base for 2-3 nights and is one of the most charming Greek cities. From there are easy day trips to Myceanae, Epidavros, Corinth and Mistras (near Sparta). Olympia is worth 1 night to see the site and excellent museum, and to eat at one of the best restaurants in Greece (Bacchus Tavern). Monemvasia is worth 1-2 nights. Or you could spend a few nights along the southwestern coast at one of the resort towns. The mountain route between Olympia and Tripoli is incredibly scenic and worth a days drive. You will need a car to see the Peloponnese but driving there is easy and roads are well marked.

Posted by Alan
Brighton, UK
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Elizabeth A difficult decision, but one I envy you! Given you are going to spend two weeks on the islands anyway I would just about come down on the side of the Peloponnese. Douglas's ideas are all good ones and I'd second Nafplio as a base for some of the time. As well as the sites he mentions I would add a visit to Ancient Corinth and Acro Corinth (the older upper fortress.) If you are driving onto the Peloponnese from Athens it is only a very small detour. Ancient Corinth is a really well preserved Roman ruin and from the Acro Corinth you can see both ends of the Corinth Canal if you climb high enough. It's a huge fortress and you can climb within it for an hour easily. I'd also, assuming you are into sites, add the site at Argos and Ancient Tiryns. Both are very close to Nafplio and you could easily do them in a morning. Have a great time. Alan

Posted by Carol
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We also have not been to Crete but last September we spent 13 days driving around the Peloponnese. Have to agree with Douglas and Alan. You might also want to add Delfi to the list. You could pick up a rental car in Athens and drive to Delfi for one night. From there to Archaia Olympia for a night and then on to Monemvasia and Nafplio. In addition to the day trip sights Douglas mentioned, Nafplio also has the Palamidi fortress which is worth a visit. We also spent a night in Loutraki to visit Corinth, Acrocorinth, and to see the Corinth canal. The beaches at Monemvasia, Nafplio, and Loutraki were a great way to end a day of walking through the sites. We loved Greece, Athens, the islands, and the Peloponnese. You can't go wrong!

Posted by Elizabeth
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thanks for your replies - i see that we are going to have a tough time as we naturally want to see everything - lol - i wish all decisions were so hard!