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CPAP machine in Germany and Czech Republic

My husband has sleep apnea and survives daily living due to his CPAP machine. We will soon be travling in Germany and the Czech Republic. The machine indicates that it works at 110 - 240V so we are taking the standard travelers' set of adapters. I would feel better with some assurance that 1) the unit will work with just an adapter and not a converter and 2) that frugal sleeping arrangements (not hostels but not 5 star hotels)will include electical outlets near the bed. With the second concern, I'm not worried about Germany, but having never been in Czech (we are going to Cesky Krumlov), I don't know what to expect. Thanks for help!

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I will be traveling with a CPAP for the first time this spring as well. I posted some questions a few weeks ago. Basically, as long as it is dual voltage, it should work fine with just a plug adapter, not needing a converter. And, take an extension cord just in case there isn't a plug near the bed.

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I have traveled in Germany, Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic with my CPAP with no problems. As the other poster said, it is a good idea to carry an extension cord. The only adapter you will need is the standard adapter that fits German oulets. Another thing I do is carry a heating coil so I can boil the water before using using it in the humidifier. The 240 volt or dual voltage coils can be bought at travel stores or off the internet.

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I've used the CPAP in Prague and in Germany, France, Switzerland and problem.

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I have also used a CPAP in the areas you are traveling to. Take a high quality extension cord, just in case. Your machine will work on 220V so you're OK but you need to know what makes it swtich over to the higher voltage. Some switch automatically and some need to be manually switched over. Your instructions should tell you.

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I always take a 12-foot extension cord when I travel because I seldom find an outlet close to the place I set my CPAP machine. I have traveled in Ch Rep. and had no problem using my machine.

To prevent damage to the machine, I always use the converter. Don't risk it.