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cost of living in Russia?

If I were to study in St. Petersburg this summer, how much would I need to spend to support myself, say, on a weekly basis?

I'd be living in an apartment within the city, so my main concerns are the cost of food, cost of public transportation within the city (two 30-minute trips daily), and other living expenses like laundry.

If anyone knows anything about clothing prices (whether they're comparable to the States) or entertainment like clubs, that would be great also.

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Even in St. Petersburg, food is pretty cheap, provided you don't eat caviar on a regular basis. A decent meal at a mid-range restauant probably cost me less than $15. I didn't buy many groceries other than bottled water, but I recall the prices were pretty low as well.

I only took the metro twice, so I don't recall the price. The city buses ran only something like 2 rubles per trip.

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Public transportation is St Petersburg is almost free. When I was there last year, a one-way subway ticket was the equivalent of fifty US cents. There are probably monthly passes that will lower that cost even more. Not to get too personal, if you happen to be a person of color, you may want check out the State Department's warnings about racially motivated violence St Petersburg and Moscow.