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Trying to figure out what day trips to take from Dubrovnik firstly. Leaning toward Mostar and wine tasting in the Pelijesac Peninsula. Do you recommend doing this with a group or alone? Expensive? Then would love to find out how difficult it is to bus or ferry to Split? And which is a better option? My other dilemma is when I end with my tour group in Bled, I have another 3 days on my own. Is it too difficult to get to Istria without a car for a wine tour or cooking class? ( easier to get there from Bled or Ljubljana?) I was planning on staying in Ljubljana the last two nights because that's where I fly out of... so if I do that I'm also interested in wine tasting in Maribor and visiting the coast of Slovenia. But hoping to not rent a car... maybe hire a driver if it's not too costly... too many questions.. thx Heidi

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Don't drink and drive in Europe or you could very well be staying there.

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Hi Heidi - I don't have experience to comment on the questions in paragraph two but as for day trips from Dubrovnik, I have a suggestion. I was there a few years ago. I really enjoyed my day trip to Montenegro. I had been traveling solo but arranged for an organzied day trip with a small group. I think it was called Atlas. It was an easy bus ride down there. We hit a few places but the standouts for me were Kotor and Budva.
Happy travels!

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I was just in Split and enjoyed this city.
But I spent more time in Dubrovnik and took 2 days tour: one to Mostar and one to Budva and Kotor, Montenegro. I was a solo traveller...and book tours with Amico for these 2 was pretty cheap and I love both! Check them out. Bon voyage!

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Mostar is definitely worthwhile, as is the Pelijesac Peninsula. They are very different experiences, not really comparable. You can rent a car and drive, take a bus, or take a tour to either. Mostar is worth at least 2 days and maybe more if you do side trips from there (Kravica falls, for example). I went from Mostar to Dubrovnik by bus (very inexpensive) and took a day tour of Pelijesac/ Korcula through Viator (it was about 70 Euros for a full day, including wine tasting). Buses from Split to Dubrovnik are frequent and cheap, so that's a very easy way to get around without a car. I can't comment on Istria (haven't been there unfortunately)

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I agree with the recommendation to visit Montenegro. We spent a day there, and it is absolutely beautiful. We hired the tour guide that Rick Steves' recommends in his book. If you would like his contact information, let me know. He was a wonderful tour guide. While in Dubrovnik, we did visit a winery but it was with a group as part of an excursion from the cruise we were on, so I don't know anything about the costs. The winery was beautiful, however, and the wine was fantastic. We got to meet the winemaker and his family.

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Can't comment on places I have not been (Mostar, Maribor , Pelijesac Peninsula) but... We rented a car in Dubrovnik for a 1-day side trip to Kotor. Super easy and wonderful. A highlight from a trip that was awesome just about everywhere. Getting to Istria - without a car - is going to be difficult and/or time-consuming from Bled, or from Ljubljana. With a car, it's just a couple hour drive. Istria itself requires (and is worth) some time - a region with little hill towns scattered around does not make for fast, efficient travels. We drove, but I'm sure a bus between Dubrovnik and Split would be easy. Ferry would be either easy or impossible (nothing in between) depending on the time of year - either there's a ferry or there isn't (unless you want to hop multiple ferries & bus to connect). We (a couple) spent almost 3 weeks around Slovenia & Croatia, and never felt the slightest need for any tour or guide - it's a very easy area to travel in. Ljubljana is a nice small city and I'm glad we spent a little time there but 3 days there seems excessive, unless you've been everywhere/done everything else and have days to burn. There's so much to see/do in this region I would give Ljubljana a day or two at most and head elsewhere. Choices abound.

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Thank you to everyone that's taken the time to answer my questions and post suggestions. I'm loving all the responses. In answer to the last post I'm just using Ljubljana as a home base and hope to travel to and from there... But with all new ideas I'm back to the drawing board. This is fun! And I look into the tour group Amiga? And Rick Steves driver. :)