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Comments needed about Wizz airline service

I am planning to fly from Budapest to Naples Italy and noticed a good rate on Does anyone have any experience or comments about this airline? Before I book a flight I would like some honest feedback. Thanks

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I flew Wizzair from London to Rome one time. It was "real". No frills, lots of additional charges, but more than acceptable. Then we booked Wizzair from Varna to Budapest. The night before the flight I get an email advising that there had been a schedule change. Okay, good thing I checked because the flight might be earlier and we might have missed it. Nope, the time really wasn't the issue, the "schedule" change had to do with the DEPARTURE CITY! It changed to Burgas, Bulgaria some 120 km and 2 hours by car away. My guess is by bus maybe 3.5 hours. I say my guess because I pulled out my credit card and book a flight on Bulgarian Air. I don't think I will say "never again" but its going to have to be a pretty good deal and in a situation that I won't mind being stranded. Here are a couple of websites that might be more subjective than my limited experience:

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I flew WizzAir to Poland back in December and will be flying it to Czech Republic next month. So the one experience I have had this far was good: it is no-frills, I think they are a little better than Ryan Air, the planes were clean and the staff friendly. Just pay close attention when you are booking your ticket to all the extra things they will want to buy and/or charge you for, because they give you a ton of options and they can really add up if you are not judicious. And pay very close attention to luggage size limitations and weight restrictions. I believe they only let you carry 10 kg (22 lbs) on board in a 55x40x20cm bag; unless you have one of those expensive super-light bags, a normal weight bag with a few changes of clothes and some toiletries in it will already be close to 22 lbs if not over. So be careful and be aware that if you will need to check a bag, you will have to pay a fairly sizeable fee, and the fee will be higher if you do not buy it online in advance. One "extra" that I think is worthwhile to purchase is the priority boarding. Just be aware that the airport will likely be a lot more disorderly than in the States and the priority boarding line might not be obvious, or it might not be obvious that they are boarding priority only at the beginning because of the completely unintelligible boarding announcements over the PA. So try to get there with a little extra time before boarding begins, find the priority boarding lane, and stand near it so that when they start letting people through you can be among the first. Good luck!