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Christmas in Budapest

Hello, I was wondering if me and my 2 mates should spend Christmas in Budapest or Prague . As per Christmas market website in Prague "Most shops, bars, restaurants, theater, opera, sightseeing tours and tourist attractions operate as normal" , but have not been able to find if restaurants , shops , bars will be open on 24th and 25th in Budapest . We would prefer to spend Christmas in Budapest due to logistical issues but if most (almost all) places are shut on Christmas eve and Christmas in Pest then we would rather go to Prague . Your responses will be greatly appreciated.

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I've spent a couple of holiday seasons in Budapest. The town rolls up the streets at about 4 pm on the 24th and doesn't reopen until the evening of the 25th. The exception is that there are indeed some good restaurants open both the 24th and the 25th. Rent an apartment and you can even arrange to have a meal catered in. AND, there are a number of special events in Budapest for the holidays. Really not a bad place to be. I bet you will find that in this regard that Prague is similar. In general if you are under 30 and love the bar scene Prague might be more attractive. If you are a little older and enjoy a little wider array of activities then Budapest might be a better choice. Also if budget is a big difference Budapest is cheaper; and i think more "real". But thats subjective. If you want a list of the restaurants that were open last 24th and 25th and a list of the best food in town just drop me a PM and I will pass it along.

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Thanks for your respons James . Well , me and buddies are under 30 and love to drink and party .We are doing this 13-14 nights trip to Budapest , Prague and Berlin but i am wondering if we should spend Xmas in Prague rather than Budapest. Would we have more stuff to do i.e. bars , cares , restaurants in Prague than in Budapest on 24th and 25th?