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Cheap Fares to Eastern Europe

Hi. Any suggestions on flight from NY or Philly. We plan to travel in May. Thanks.

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Uhm... to where exactly? Consider the nonstop on CO from EWR to Berlin, which is only 1 hours from the Polish border but with all the benefits of a Western country...

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check flying into Manchester in the UK. I do a lot of business in Poland, Finland, Eastern Europe, and Easyjet and Airberlin have excellent schedules and prices to that area--and, if you check, you may even find BA deals!
You might have to cab to Liverpool, however, it's closer to Man than Ewr is to JFK.
Since LOT is owned by Luftansa, I don't think you will find many good deals unless you stumbled onto something at Airberlin.

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thanks jerry. will try that.

we plan to fly to budapest, andrea.

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Beth - For years I've used a Wholesaler/Consolidator -
Get your prices from other sources if you want, and then give George,the manager, a call - Think you'll be pleasantly surprised.


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I had a Vienna, Budapest, Prague trip planned in Late fall, early winter 2009. I had been obsessively looking at air fare since Jan 2009. I had the chance to fly into Budapest, fly out of Prague for $730 on Delta, but missed the deal by like 2 days, when I had the money for the airfare. After that, the cost soared to $900 or more. Yeah, I was pretty bummed but then saw that flights in and out of Germany were quite affordable. I flew into Munich (immediately got on a train to Austria) and out of Frankfurt (we added Rothenberg to our trip)for $630 round trip. Three years ago we flew into Berlin and out of Cologne for $420 round trip.

Moral of the story: check for flights into Germany. I am not sure why German flights can be so cheap as compared to other European cities. Berlin and Munich can get you to the east if your flights to the east are too pricey for you. You will also want to make sure the train cost is not out of hand or flying directly into the city you want would be not different in cost. We had a rail pass anyways, so the it didn't really matter for us.