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Ceský Krumlov, Czech Republic

A couple of questions regarding a visit the ?eský Krumlov. I was reading that the town can be very touristy - was thinking of visiting in late September (in Prague 9/23-27), does anyone know if the crowds will be in full force? Also, did a search on this site and someone posted that it is a good idea to spend the night if coming from Prague - is that necessary if coming by train (an early AM train out and a mid to late train in back) from Prague? Thanks for any info!

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Things in the region generally begin tapering down in September. You picked a good time of the year. The weather is generally very good and there are fewer tourists. We always do September/October and April/May for the weather and the lighter crowds. To answer your question it was my experience that the throngs of tourists at Cesky K arrived just before noon and left about 3 pm. So if you spend the night there you get the late afternoon and evening and the next morning with fewer tourists. The place either way is worth the visit. Loved it. Check the hotel Dvork for its great location and they one room with the balcony looking onto the Castel. Beautiful in the evening all lit up.

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Matthew, I agree with James. I happened to be in Cesky Krumlov in the third week of September of last year. I spent 4 nights there. There were tourists there, but I didn't notice any large tourist crowds. I would definitely recommend that you stay overnight if you can, for if large tourist groups do show up, it would most likely be in the middle of the day, during the hours that James mentioned. By staying at least one night, it will allow you to relaxingly stroll through the town early in the morning and late at night, when you will practically have the town to yourself. Cesky Krumlov is jewel of a town! Enjoy Cesky Krumlov!

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Although it is doable I think that Cesky Krumlov is too far from Prague for enjoyable day trip. You will enjoy Cesky Krumlov much more if you stay overnight as James and Kaz are also recommending. It's really fairy tale town in the evening without the crowds. I am afraid that with the crowds is slowly getting disneyfied. I was there first time in 1975, no tourists just few locals. The town was somewhat run down but still beautiful and very authentic.

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I agree with the others. I think you should stay overnight for the full experience. Even in September there are still more than enough tourists for such a small place in the town. And about the authenticity of Ceský Krumlov: how authentic is a town which almost completely exchanged the population in 1945 (before WW2 more than 80% were Germans)? The stories and traditions of Ceský Krumlov were lost at that point, and most of what you see today has almost nothing to do with the past.

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Thanks to everyone who replied! Planning in progress! Matthew