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Cesky Krumlov

I have heard great things about Cesky Krumlov, but only have one day available, when the castle is not open. Is it still worthwhile to visit CK (in July) if I'm not going to see the inside of the castle?

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Cesky Krumlov is a lovely jewelbox of a town, and has lots of appeal whether the castle is open or not. Just walking around and taking in the views is great. I say go; if you can spend a night, it's nicer, as it's long to travel back and forth in one day (although many do, and enjoy it).

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Yes and no. We stayed the night in Cesky Krumlov and were glad we did. The tourist busses show up in the late morning and leave in the early afternoon. When the tourists are gone its a great village. I would go back if I had the opportunity but not for the day, for two days. If that isn't available I probably would do something else. But that's just me.

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Hi Tom - Cesky Krumlov is a magical little town. When I think of Cesky the castle doesn't even enter my mind. It's the beautiful town itself. The castle was enjoyable to go to....but what I remember most is the view of the town below. Other cities have castles. Definitely go regardless.

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Thanks to all. Regarding the travel there and overnight vs. day trip, I intend to rent a car in Vienna and return it in Prague (using a rail-drive pass), so as to save time (compared to train travel) Thoughts??

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I love CK and although we did enjoy the castle I would probably still go. I did the drive back from CK to Prague and it was an enjoyable drive, loved seeing the forests along the way and we found a fun little town to stop in for lunch before getting to Prague.

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Tom: Go! The inside of the castle won't make or break CK. The town is a bit touristy, ala Rothenburg odT, but who cares; its beautiful. We stayed 3 nights so we'd have two full days. Try to stay at least one night would be our suggestion. Enjoy.

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Tom, I would highly recommend going to Cesky Krumlov! It is a jewel of town with its charming cobblestone lanes and riverside views. It will be more enjoyable if you spend the night. This will allow you to relaxingly stroll through the town early in the morning and late at night, when you will practically have the town to yourself. However, if you only have one day, it is still worth it. In Cesky Krumlov, the town itself is the highlight, not necessarily the castle. Therefore, even if the castle is closed, you will definitely be able to enjoy town. I am not sure if you will be going to CK from Prague, but a very easy and convenient way to get from Prague to CK and back is using a bus company called Student Agency. Their buses are comfortable, modern and it is about a 3.5 hour trip, one way, with few pick ups in between. Their website is You can see my post as well as others on the RS website under Rick Steve's Guidebooks/Guidebook Feedback/Prague & the Czech Republic/ Favorite Discoveries & Tips. Enjoy Cesky Krumlov!