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Car Rental in Turkey

1) We are thinking of renting a car and not sure where to get it. Is it better a) to bus from Izmir to Selchuk and then to Fethiye to get the car and to drop it via Patara and Cirali in Antalya or b)get the car in Izmir and follow a similar route to Antalya. 2)We've read that if you're in an accident you must call the police and also report it to the rental company. This seems to require a cell phone. Any thoughts on this?

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1). I'd go ahead and pick up a car at the Izmir airport (assuming you're flying in). Just make sure that the company you're renting from has a location in Antalya. There are a lot of interesting sites around Selcuk (e.g. Sirince), south of there (e.g. Priene), and elsewhere along your route. Having a car will allow you the flexability to see those. 2). I'm not sure of the requirements following an accident, but reporting to police and the rental company makes sense. There are more technically savy people on these boards that may be able to help with this question, but I can offer one solution. Buy a cheap used cell phone in Turkey or bring an unlocked GSM phone from home. When you arrive buy a Turkish SIM card and a small number of pre-paid credits. Your first hotel should be able to direct you a good location to buy this. Used cell phones are readily available and inexpensive in Turkey.

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Thanks for your help. We've pretty much decided to have a car except for the Istanbul part of the trip. The freedom to explore other locations which would not be possible on the bus in the time we have, makes it a good choice. Thanks again.