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Car options in Greece

I'm looking over the options for renting cars for a trip to Greece. The "mini" and "small" options are pretty small compared to cars we have in the US. I wonder if these cars (with 1.0 liter or smaller engines) are underpowered for the highways through the Peloponnesian hills. Also, I'm 6'1" tall. Will I have trouble fitting comfortably in the driver's seat? Specifically will I have enough leg room to work the clutch?

Thank you for your thoughtful replies!

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The mini and small cars will be too small and underpowered for your need. Also be sure to go to your local AAA office to pick up an International Driving Permit, no test required.

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I alway laugh when people believe a small car wouldn't make it thru the hills/mountains.
But the truth is , it will just fine. We rented a 2 door Fiat, about the size of a mini Couper, even smaller. We took it around Crete and up some hills to see some villages. It was fine.
My ex boyfriend was about 6' and he didn't have any problems fitting in that small car.