Can children go in the baths in Budapest?

We will be traveling to Budapest soon, and are intrigued by the baths in the city. Is it appropriate to bring children into the baths? (ages 16, 12, and 9). I see that on weekends it is mixed gender with mandatory bathing suits. Thanks!

Posted by wayner
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Hi, Yes, take your children to the Szechenyi Furdos. This isn't a fun park. But there is a circular area where the water will carry you around, and young or old there will be a smile on your face. water shoots from the floor, and statues. enjoy,
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Posted by Paul
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They are really swimming pools. Take your children.

Posted by James
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If I had kids with me on our trip it is something I would definitely do and I would choose the Szechenyi bath. But while some of these have portions that are very much "American Pool" in character, they are really something quite different. I only know of one that has an age limit (14) but that doesn't mean that they are all swimming pools where kids run and scream and do cannon balls into the pools. By U.S. standards or expectations the majority of the baths are pretty reserved, have many fewer children in attendance and the children that are there are generally better behaved than one would expect. You might also check into what they translate as "Beaches" which might be more entertaining for the kids. All but one or two of the baths in Budapest is controlled by the same government company. Their web site has a lot of the details