Can't Miss Prague

Would love to know your "can't miss" list for Prague? We are there for four full days in October.
Thank you!!!!

Posted by Martin
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Don't worry. 4 days are a lot for Prague, you will see all the usual "can't miss" sights + many relatively unknown gems. Here are a few of my favourite sights in Prague: - Vrtba garden (great view!) - St. Ignacius at Charles square (wonderful baroque church) - St. Jacob close to Ungelt (another beautiful baroque church) - the area around Lobkowicz palace (very untouristy) - New World/Novy Svet (small town Prague close to Strahov monastery)
- Church of Our Lady of Snows/Kostel Panny Marie Sn?žné behind Wenceslas Square (was planned to be bigger than the cathedral) A almost unknown museum I really like is the Lapidarium, in a wonderful exhibition building from the late 19th century. It's not only the place were most of the original statues are stored, it's also the place were many monuments related to Austria or German culture were moved after 1918, when most traces of this ethnic group, which until ~1850 formed the majority in the city, were erased.

Posted by Dick
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Also the Jewish quarter, especially the old cemetery. And St. Vitus' Cathedral. The Lobkowicz Palace, part way up the castle hill, is a very interesting little museum. The Charles Bridge is best, imo, early in the morning. Four full days should give you time to see all you want.

Posted by LGATX
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So, even in Oct, the Charles Bridge will be super crowded during the day? Also, we'll be in Prague on my husband's bday, any ideas on good restaurants to celebrate? Our apt is near Wencelas Square across the park from the National Museum (which I know from RS's book is closed for renovations till 2014).
Thank you thank you!!

Posted by Robert
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Two other more out of the way sites in the city, but both worth visiting and easily reachable by public transport and by foot: Vysehrad and Villa Bertramka. Vysehrad (a former fort) has a beautiful Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul located on a wooded hill overlooking the Vltava River, and some famous Czechs entombed in the adjacent cemetery (Dvorak, Mucha, etc.). Mozart was a frequent guest at Villa Bertramka and they have made it into a nice museum, including instruments Mozart played, musical scores, memorabilia, and even a lock of his hair. It is located on a hill next to a park. It's tranquility is a nice change from the hustle and bustle of the city below. Plus, when I visited Betramka, I walked there, passing the famous and interesting "Fred and Ginger" Building and crossing the river on the adjacent bridge (nice view of the Prague Castle). Also greatly enjoyed the library of the Strahov Monastery overlooking the Prague Castle hill. You have to pay something (can't remember, maybe about $1-2 U.S. equivalent) to be able to take photos before going up the stairway to the library, but it is spectacular. They also have a stuffed dodo bird (now extinct) there too.

Posted by Kristen
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there are a ton of free walking tours that leave from Old Town Square in the AM. You can do a half day or full day and it is a nice way to familiarize yourself with the city. We also did a night ghost walking tour- kinda cheesy but it was a lot of fun and our guide was excellent.

Posted by Max
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Linda: What drew you to Prague in the first place? Wife and I are going similar time, and our cant misses include the Mucha Museum and the Slav Epic and a day trip to Kutna Hora. But our interests might be different.

Posted by LGATX
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Max, we go to Europe every summer and plan our vacation around an annual work event that my husband has. This year I had a new job so couldn't leave for two weeks in June. We started watching Rick Steves every Saturday, bought Europe through the Back Door and ultimately, I picked Prague bc my Grandmother and her family came over from there in the early 1900s, I really want to see where my family came from! It was my husbands idea to add Vienna and Prague. I haven't started my Prague book yet so not sure. I know we want to do the Monastery with the great library, we'll do that on Saturday when they have the antique market vendors. Of course Charles Bridge, I want to buy some paintings from the vendors there. We also want to go to I think it's called Moser glass or something like that, and there is a winery in one of the parks that as a restaurant w a great view. Other than that we are still planning. Happy Travels! Ill message you the name of the winery and antique market info if you want. It's on my office computer.