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Bus schedule from Salerno to Amalfi on a Sunday

We are taking a train from Rome to Salerno on a sunday and then hoping to catch a bus to Amalfi where we will stay for a few days.
From the bus schedule it looks like they have different schedules accordign to what day it is. F = working days, H= Sundays/holidays, G = Daily, S = School days.
Since it will be on a sunday, I looked at the H schedule for Sunday and it looks like there is only 1 bus that day which leaves before we can get there from Rome (7:30Am). Does the G (daily) bus run as well on Sunday? Or is there truly only 1 bus on Sundays that runs? I want to make sure we wont get stuck in Salerno.
Can anyone help?

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Yes. "G" (daily) buses run 7 days a week. The "H" buses run in place of the "F" buses, which typically run Monday-Saturday.

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Hi, Camille

Just a suggestion, but IMHO a much better trip would be to take the train from Rome to Naples, then the little Circumvesuviana train from Naples to Sorrento. From Sorrento you have lots of choices to Amalfi. And, Sorrento is beautiful; you should spend some time there. If you get stuck there it beats the heck out of Salerno!