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Bus from Dubrovnik

We will be staying in Dubrovnik, just inside the Pila gate. We want to take the 715 am bus to Split. If we take a cab to the Dubrovnik bus station, do we buy tickets at the bus station, or is there a chance they'd be sold out? Can you buy them online in advance?

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First see how early the local buses run once you're actually there. The local bus will have a stop at the main bus station (just make sure you ask the driver to stop there)...that may save you a taxi ride. And yes, you just buy tickets right at the bus station (not online)...if you're worried about them selling out, you should just play it safe and buy them a day before (my friend and I did that and took the local bus there just for practice, it was very easy). If you don't buy them the day before, plan on getting there at least a half hour early if you need to catch that bus at 7:15 - otherwise, the worst that could happen is you end up waiting for the next one (they run pretty frequently though) I would recommend a type of pass that will get you on the local bus for free and will include the key museums inside the walls, including access to the walk along the walls themselves which is a key attraction - it was well worth the price. PM me if you have any other questions.

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Hi, If you MUST take the 7.15am bus, you should buy it a day or 2 in advance. Local Buses : They run quiet frequently just outside the gate to the main bus station. You can buy that ticket at the little kiosk right next to the bus stop. For the Dubrovnik-Split bus:
I was there in June and I waited to buy my ticket the same day...and it was sold out. It was not a big deal...but I did have to wait an extra hour for the following bus. Bon voyage!

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My hotel called the bus station and reserved a ticket for me. I picked it up and paid for it upon arrival at the bus station. Ask them a couple of days before you plan to travel and you should be OK.