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Budapest visit - question about local produce, free-range etc.

My girl-friend and I are visiting Budapest and are also participating in our best friends' wedding in Transylvania during the end of this month. I wasn't sure exactly what would be the right place to post this but since "Food" is utmost in anyone's mind - I thought I'll post my questions here. I've spent the last few weeks documenting various resources that would make our visit a pleasant I'm a vegetarian but my girl-friend is not (she can go vegetarian but she still needs to mix it in). But we are both particular about wanting to eat at restaurants/places that use local produce, local farmers etc. ( and in her case - even if not local - free-range and un-tortured animals). What would be a good resource in Budapest to ask these questions? Are there labels we can look at that would say so? There is always the possibility for us to cook but it would be nice to go out and get something to eat as well. We are looking for resources that would suggest appropriate restaurants/places for us.

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Srini, check out Happy Cow. They have links to all cities for vegetarian and organic restaurants and stores. I was just in Budapest last week and I ate at Hummus Bar, which claims to use local ingredients. Also all of the 5 market halls in Budapest have food stands that use local produce. I am also a vegetarian so I can't speak to the animal stuff other than how to avoid it. Have a great time.

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Your friend could research Kosher meats. There are strict regulations how the animals meet their demise, etc.