budapest to dubrovnik

Just wondering about return trips/flights from Budapest to Dubrovnik. We are flying in from Toronto (to BUD) and i am trying to find the best way to see both places.
Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks Brenda

Posted by Fred
San Francisco
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Brenda, How many days are you using to reach Dubrovnik? Yes, you can see both places after arriving in Budapest. I would suggest using a train and plane combination, depending on the flights available from Zagreb and Split. Or, flying from Budapest if possible. The first part from Budapest can be done by train if you don't mind staying the night. That will get to Split changing once.

Posted by James E.
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This is a trip I have been wanting to make for a number of years but have not found a convenient route. Austrian Airlines now has a direct flight Vienna to Dubrovnik for USD380 round trip or 670 one way (no that isn't a typo). You can either fly or take the train to Vienna. If you fly then it's a longer trip because of the nearly 5 hour layover (there is another flight with a 35 minute layover but that isn't realistic). The train really won't take any more time than flying. Of course I just checked a few random dates and I bet this is seasonal. That is come winter there will be fewer options. Thanks for the question. If it hadn't been for you I wouldn't have rechecked the possibilities. Oh, if Fred is correct that there are flights out of Zagreb its 6.5 hours by train to Zagreb from Budapest. Google MAV Train to get a link to the Hungarian state railway (MAV). They have a pretty decent search engine for their routes. Another option is a tour guide i know who can either take you to Vienna or return you from Vienna (or both) and show you places like Melk and the Archabbey at Pannonhalma and there are great villages and towns on both sides of the border along the way. Wonderful country. This way the trip is almost 100 percent exploring and very little drudgery.

Posted by Mikey
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I've been struggling with getting our trip route to make time/cost sense in the same area also. I recently caught a break after reading some tips on this site and found a return flight Budapest to Prague for as low as $120 CAD (same CSA flights seem to be $400 one-way) and one-ways from Prague to Split from $90. All direct. Although I've not purchased yet, only looked up using & skyscanner So for our month trip we're likely taking trains across Frankfurt-Munich-Salzburg-Vienna-Budapest and flying to Prague & Split and ferry/bus to Dubrovnik. We were planning to go to Prague anyways though, and this is all in shoulder season - September. Thought this might help you get an extra city in, if you have the time, at no extra money. Back to Toronto we're thinking a direct Dubrovnik to Dublin flight, then Air Transat, Dublin-Shannon to Toronto.