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Budapest -- Krakow

We're traveling in May 2009 and I'm just trying to wrap my mind around transportation between some of the countries we'll be visiting so that I can have an estimated budget. However, I'm having lots of difficulty finding consistent information on transportation between Budapest and Krakow. The only train fares I've been able to locate are nearly $200 per person, and that seems too high for me. I've traveled by rail and bus across Europe before, but never in this area. Please, if you have any suggestions or pointers, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

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If $200 is the only fare you find, search for a bus schedule and see if that will cost less. Buses will be slower, but usually cheaper.

I have driven that route; it is not one often taken so you may find the fares higher than one would expect.

You cant compare costs in that part of E Europe with those of W Europe. I found EVERYTHING more expensive in Poland and Hungary.

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Try getting a price on airfare, sometimes it's cheaper to fly within european countries than the train. Ask someone on the helpline to tell you which airlines to checkout.


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You might want to check LOT (Polish airline) as they have flights from Budapest to Krakow. I had a quick look and the fares appeared to be about US$230 (one way). That's a bit pricey, but would probably be better than a really LONG rail trip.


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Thanks for all the help! I know it's early, but I always feel better having an idea about transportation costs.