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Budapest Currency Exchange/ATM locations

Where are the best ATM locations, especially near Szabadsag Ter and the big convention center in Buda? Same question applies to currency exchange locations, although we're willing to walk a little to get a better rate, even if it's less convenient than getting it done at the airport.

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Do something really simple: get Budapest on google maps and type in 'atm'. Count the dots. You'll never have to ask the question again about anywhere and you won't have to think about looking for a machine. Their rates are all so close that you'd need a calculator to figure which is best. Walking across the street to a currency exchange joint will waste energy and cost more.

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Thank you, James. I've learned that it's never harmful or stupid to at least try to get specific information from experienced people who are able and willing to share it. I don't always get answers, but I've also learned to cover as many bases as possible to prevent disasters. Let's just say once bitten, twice shy, even if the bite occurred close to home.

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Don't worry about finding an ATM. Any bank owned ATM will give exactly the same exchange rate because that rate is set by the networks - Plus, Cirrus. Whether or not your card issuer adds extra fees is between you and your card issuer, and no one here would know if one ATM would be cheaper for you or not. I never look for ATMs. Sort of let them find me. Basically it is hard to walk anywhere without seeing an ATM or two within the hour. Exchange bureaus are very different in that they can set any exchange rate that they want.

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they're easy to find don't worry. you want to be sure the bank is notified about your trip - I have friend his ATM card was eaten by the machine so it was a hassle to deal with.

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Just follow Rick's advice and use ATM's at banks just in case your card gets eaten you can walk into the bank and ask for assistance.

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Whenever we go to a new town in Europe, we locate an ATM. It is easy, very easy. As many have noted, just look for banks. Of course, one thing that you want to do is be prudent. The likelihood of getting hit over the head is low, but if you drink heavily, go to a secluded spot in a bad part of town, and look like a tourist, the chance is higher. So, use the money belt as Rick suggests, get money during the day and in a safe spot, and be aware of your surroundings. If you are with a companion, so much the better. Many banks have a very secure situation where you can access the machine inside a room/foyer. That is quite secure.

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Budapest is among the safest major cities in Europe. So exercise what ever caution makes you most comfortable. My guess is that if an ATM inside a bank eats your card, just because its inside a bank doesn't mean you will ever see the card again. I worry about this on occasion but I have never met a soul that lost a card in any machine in any country in the world, including the US. But despite a pretty high comfort level in that part of the world I still carry never used emergency cash. Note that a lot of machines are behind locked glass doors. look for the swipe slot and run just about anything with a magnetic strip on it to open the door. then the push button to get back out. Money will not be a worry in most of Europe these days, so go have some fun!