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Budapest - airport transportation

I'm going to Budapest next month and have a 6:30 am flight out of Budapest, so I'll need to leave for the airport around 4:30 am. Can anyone recommend a driver? I've read Rick's cautionary tales about the taxi rip-offs, and I'm worried that even if I call a recommended taxi company the night before, that 1) the taxi won't show up and 2) that I'll be charged too much. I'd ask my hotel to call, but I'm not staying at a Rick Steves' recommended hotel because I purchased an air/hotel package. Any recommendations are appreciated!

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We stayed in a non RS hotel this summer. They offered the option of prepaid taxi trips to the airport. Driver was there ahead of time and got us to the airport in good time. Maybe see what your hotel can do for you once you get there.

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We used the official airport taxi service Zona Taxi They have fixed fares to/from the airport(s).Be sure you Know if you are flying out of Ferihegy1 or Ferihegy 2 We used them for travel both directions with out any problems. When you arrive get their business card and have your hotel call your Zona Taxi for your return trip. I was also concerned about the reputed problems but I now understand these problems have been addressed with the new official service. Anyway we did not have any problems anywhere in Budapest! Enjoy your stay. John

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Go to

From Budapest-Nyugati pu. to Ferihegy 300-650 forint. The train station is the western one, next to the city center mall.

enter the info into elvira, it will give you all the info you need.

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I did flew a very similar flight out of Budapest in September. We actually called a taxi company that was recommended by a woman who owned the laundry service below the apartment we rented. We actually called a taxi from a pay phone (the operator spoke English) and they picked us up on a main street within 5 minutes. Definitely not the best way, but it worked and the taxi driver didn't rip us off. Make sure you ask the operator and the driver how much it'll cost before you get into the cab. And most likely you'll be flying out of Ferihegy 2 -- most international flights do. Good luck!

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I used to use Zona as a Hungarian. I had to suffer many stories from the drivers how they can rip off foreigners.
Trick #1: you can pay in EURO, but the EURO price is much more then in HUF
Trick #2: they say they have no change in HUF (or whatever currency)
Trick #3: the price is LESS to the airport, though they will charge the from rate!
Trick #4: if there is any minor bypass (take some money from the ATM) they will charge you much more then that time/route
Trick #5: constant complaning about the fare is too low (trying to gain some simpathy)

All major taxi companies have got airport transfer for a fixed price (4500 - 4800 HUF).
Call 2333-333 or 2111-111 or 6-666-666 or 2-222-222 for example. They show up, I travel a lot and leave before the sunrise...