Budapest Airport Taxi

Not a question, but an observation while it is fresh on my mind. When arriving at the Budapest airport first you will go through passport control which is fast and easy. Next is baggage claim, which is also fast, easy and modern. Next you walk past all the unattended customs inspection counters and out through the black glass door. Now ignore the freelance cab drivers that are trying to get your business and follow the red line on the floor. It will take you directly out the main doors of the terminal and to the Fotaxi (airport contract company) kiosk - total trek is about 100 feet. Tell the person in the kiosk the name or address of your destination and they will give you a piece of paper with the total charge and the cab number. As you head to the taxi line (about 20 feet) a young lady will greet you and assist you to your cab, open your door, etc. and make sure everything is well. The driver will ask for the receipt you were given to confirm that address, but get it back because it gets you a discount on the return trip. Total cost to most of the tourist hotels in Pest is 5800 forints (between $25 and $30). Convenient, clean, outstanding service at a bargain rate.

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James - you should post this in the Trip Reports section as well.

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Hi, There is a bus/subway that connects the airport with the city center. We have taken it after a 12 hour flight and even though we were tired, it was easy.
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