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Our son is taking a Fall semester abroad in Budapest.
What can we expect for weather September through December?
Also, does anyone have any "insider" tips on spending 4 months in this country? ( what to see, what to avoid, etc)

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For weather, search on weather underground which will have historical info.

For other tips, it all depends on what your son is interested in. I'd suggest you go to your local library and get a few guide books on Hungary (lonely planet, fodors, etc) and formulate a plan after doing some research.

Enjoy Budapest - I am looking forward to returning there some time in the next few years

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Since Budapest is smack in the center of the Pannonian Plain (yes, even Europe has steppes) expect hot and dry weather well into fall. This is particularly troublesome in Budapest, where humidity also is higher. Later in the season the Continental climate comes into play, days get colder and frost emerges by early November. Only some snow in fall.

You come at a great time (and a wonderful period) to explore Hungary. I am sure you will pick up materials both here and there to figure out how to spend 4 mos. Some suggestions (beyond Budapest): wine harvest in the Tokay area (Miskolc), peppers and paprika in picture-perfect Kalocsa, the Puszta (steppe) around Hortobagy, Balaton Lake (go in late Sept.) with wine areas (Tihany) ferry to Siofok. Castles: Fertöd, Esterhazy, Gödöllö. Eger mosque. Also Buda Hills and oak forests east (fall color).
Don't miss any folkdance performances! Weddings are often public w. live music. Excellent food, friendly service - what's not to love?

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Have you gotten a copy of RS "Best of Eastern Europe" book yet? If not, do so. It has lots of information that will be very useful for your planning efforts including weather tables toward the index in back. Happy travels.

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I always advise people to look at Yahoo weather in the records and averages. I am not seeing a lot of rain in Sept Oct on that site. On the other hand, we were there in May when Yahoo says it's wet, and it was fairly dry.

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I go to Budapest several times a year and have done so for a dozen years. Late September through mid October are the absolutebest times to visit. My favorite guide book after Rocks book is the Eyewitness Guide. From Sept to December figure a high of 80F in Sept and a low during normal daytime hours just below freezing. There are extremes beyond those two marks but that is the range I would pack for and then just rough out the extremes.

What to do? Too big a question. What to avoid? ; the nudey bars. Many are fronts for dangerous extortion scams. The only real tourist threat in Budapest as well as many other places in Europe.

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