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Bringing sun dried tomatoes into US

We are in Turkey and will fly out soon. Does anyone have experience with a sealed clear plastic container of olive oil drenched sun dried tomatoes and US customs? Wayne iNISTANBUL

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Dunno how the Ag feels about that product but of course you will have to put it in checked luggage or your 3-1-1 bag if it is small enough and you have enough room in your 3-1-1.

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According to the CBP website, you can bring Canned goods and goods in vacuum packed jars (other than those containing meat or poultry products) for your personal use Dried Fruit- things like apricots, barberry, currants, dates, figs, gooseberries, peaches, prunes, raisins, tomatillos, and zereshk Olive oil and other vegetable oils Are they in a sealed jar? If so, you've got tomatoes (a dried fruit) packed in olive oil in a vacuum packed jar. Applying their rules I would think you'd be ok. However, who knows if CBP will apply that same logic. You do have to de-clare it. Here is the fact sheet if you want to read through it Travelers Bringing Food into U.S.

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Assuming Laura's information is accurate, just don't attempt to bring anything in a jar on the plane. I was given a large jar of capers and it was confiscated before I got out of the country. Pack it in the luggage you're checking. If you don't have any you should buy a small, inexpensive duffle and pack it with some of your clothes around any jar or other container so you can safely check it.

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hi, what you could do is to just buy them and bring them back and take a chance. worse case, you loose them. happy trails.

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Can you ship them from Turkey, or find out if the item is available for online purchase once you get back?

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Thanks everyone. Home now and will have pasta with sun dried tomatoes for supper.
wayne iNWI