Brasov, Romania to Zagreb, Croatia

I posted this also in the transportation section but figured I might get some good info in this section as well. Any suggestions on how to break this leg up? We were originally wanting to go direct but the train ride seems crazy long. Any suggestions on a place to stop in South Western Hungary that will allow us to break this leg up and still get a night tain out to Zagreb?
We will be traveling using the Eurail Global Pass

Posted by Kim
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Pecs!! (Pronounced roughly "paytch"). Beautiful small city in SW Hungary with a church that used to be a mosque, great wine, a nice ambiance -- it was a European Capital of Culture in 2010.

Posted by James E.
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You didn't exactly pick an easy trip. Pecs is sort of halfway as the crow flies and while I haven't been there its reportedly a wonderful city with a lot of great architecture and history. The problem is I don't think you can get to Pecs from Brasov by train with out a whole lot of trouble. My guess is the most direct route for you will be to first go back to Bucharest and then head towards Timisoara. Timisoara is a great destination and worth an overnight stay and a good visit. From Timisoara you will probably have to choose a northern route through Budapest or a southern route through Belgrade. I'm going to guess the northern route, while a little longer distance might be a little faster. Now having said all of this I once knew a person who took the train from Bucharest to Budapest. This person was not happy that he had done it. What do you figure 20+ hours and two transfers? From either Timisoara or Bucharest you can fly to Budapest on Tarom Airlines and then if you want to take a train there is a direct schedule to Zagreb. that takes about 6.5 hours. You might want to check if you can fly to Belgrade and get a decent train schedule from there as well. Finally I know a tour guide that would probably drive you all or most of the way for a few hundred a day.

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Hi, From Brasov (Kronstadt) to Zagreb the first leg is to Budapest, the most direct route. Since the entire ride is over 20 hrs., what about staying in Budapest for a day or two, (if you're not adverse to breaking up the ride). This would give the time for a day trip in the southwest to Pecs (Fünfkirchen), afterwhich Budapest to Zagreb.

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Thanks everyone! We'd more than likely be going to Brasov from Budapest but discussed just spending the day there and then going back on our way out of Brasov. This seems like it makes the most sense although we are still exploring options along the way. I agree that I don't think I'd be happy on the train for 20+ hours. If you have any other suggestions would love to hear them! We don't mind making a few stops along the way if the places are worth checking out.