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Brasov (Bran), Romania

I wanted to know if anyone has any suggestions on where to stay in Brasov, Romania. I often get responses to check out a website or book, but I really am interested in hearing from someone that has actually stayed there. I have been disappointed by places that look a lot nicer online or the location isn't the best. So, if you have visited Brasov in the last year or two and stayed somewhere nice, please let me know. Any other info about your travels in Romania would be greatly appreciated, too. I am also researching my transportation options... we will travel from Hungary to Romania and from Romania to Croatia. Flights are very expensive, so we were looking at trains (night trains, if possible). Anyway... any info would be very, very helpful. Thanks!!

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Is it Brasov city or Bran (a village 30 km/18 mi away from Brasov)?

For the transportation part: not all flights from Hungary to Romania are expensive, there is a low cost airline, WizzAir, that starting May 15th will fly from Budapest to Targu Mures in Romania (three hours away from Brasov by bus) and has very good prices, especially if you book tickets in advance (under $15 one way).

There are about 20 daily trains between Hungary and Romania; out of these, two are direct night trains from Budapest to Brasov, with prices starting at about $55 one way - see more on the Hungarian railways timetable site

There are also countless buses from Budapest to various cities in Romania, especially to those in Transylvania.

Getting from Romania to Croatia is going to be more difficult, there aren't any direct trains, buses or even flights.

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We were in Brasov last August but unfortunately I cannot remember the name of the place we stayed at. I tend not to book hotels ahead of time especially since what seems like a nice picture could be pretty misleading. The caveats to this are the firt one or two nights in Europe I will normally book ahead as I don't want to be searching for a hotel when I am jet lagged. Also, in Western Europe I tend to book ahead.

In Brasov, we just went to the tourist office who helped us find accommodations. They are right in the center of the main square. When we were there in the middle of August, the available rooms were a little tight in the center of town. Outside of town there were more available. We prefer to stay in town so don't have to spend too much time traveling. I believe we ended up paying around 100 euros a night for 4 people and got a hotel attached to a restaurant right across from the town square. The room wasn't fancy but clean and comfortable.

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The best places to stay in Brasov are pesions. They are the cheapest and the cleanest. I am sorry, but I don't know where they are located, but if you find them online, I suggest to try to book a room at those kind of accomodations.
Trains not neccessary are less expensive.There are a few discounted online airline system :, where you might find really good deals.
If you decide to travel by train make sure you don't leave your bags unattented, not even if you go to the toilette or on the hallway. And don't fall for scams. Also if you are going to take a cab make sure you take those that have the company name painted on it. The rest of them , even if they are cheaper, might be a scam.

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I think that we are planning on staying in Brasov and visiting Bran for a day.

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We stayed in Bran and visited Brasov. If you have a rent car I would recommend the place we stayed. A Wonderful Bed and Breakfast with an amazing view of the mountains. I can post pictures and find the name and contact info of the place we stayed at...