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Bodtrum Accomodations and activities

Any recommendations for a RS style hotel in Bodrum and suggestions of activitities to do there?

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687 posts Bodrum is pretty touristy, especially along the waterfront, although I found a very non-touristy hamam for a Turkish bath. Aside from beach town stuff, there's a Crusader castle and a Museum of Underwater Archaeology.

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Thank you for the great input - the hotel looks perfect and I plan to book. Do you have any suggestions for hotel in Selcuk or tours from Selecuk to Pamukkale or tour guides for Ephasus?

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Sorry, can't help with that. Suggest getting hold of Lonely Planet "Turkey".

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in selcuk you can stay at wallabie's you can ask the owner to meet you at the bus/train station, it's about a couple of mins walk from both, right in the mid of the town. you can hire local guide at the gate of efes, but if you do your research you can enjoy it more - the guide will rush you in a couple of hours, but the site is pretty big you can spend half day on your own. Suggest you go to pamukkale and stay at least overnight if you can. Again walk it on your own is more fun and you also can swim in the ancient pool which is really cool.

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You asked about Selcuk hotels and tours. Here are some ideas: Its been a few years, but I stayed at the Hotel Akay in Selcuk and would recommend it. Its a nice hotel in a good location. As for a guide for Ephesus - you could always interview and hire one at the entrance if no one recommends one for you. Another option that I like is to buy a couple of guides and do a self tour. If you go the self tour route, I recommend that one of your books be a past/present guide that will have images to show what the buildings used to look like compared to what they look like now. If you have time check out some of the other sites in the area. Some that come to mind are the temple of Artimis, St. John's basilica, mosque, castle (if open), grotto of the seven sleepers, and Sirince village. Good luck.