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Bicycling in the Peloponnes

My wife and I and two best biking buddies have booked flights to Athens in mid-September for two weeks.

We're experienced road bikers in the US, France, Italy, and Japan, but for the four of us, this is our first ever trip to Greece - we are EXCITED

But the logistics tbd - where to go, how to get our luggage moved, and safety of the roads.

I/we would LOVE recommendations as to where to go, whether we can book taxis at our accommodations to reliably move our luggage to the next booked place, etc.

Hey, we're all in our mid-fifties, so while we're good for biking 30 to 70 miles per day, but we need someone else to carry the gear!



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I've never done anything like this, but I know the Peloponnese quite well. My immediate response is to check that you do know how mountainous it is? Planning a route of any distance that doesn't involve a lot of uphill could be a problem.

Probably self evident but you're going to need a good map. Road Editions do a 1: 250,000 map of the Peloponnese (Map 5 in their series)which is pretty good. Here in the UK you can sometimes pick these up in Borders or you can get it online here

Booking taxis in Greece is generally reliable, and they are fairly cheap. In rural areas people use them to get from village to village and there is generally a fixed fare for various journeys, so booking them to move luggage shouldn't be a problem, assuming you can find pre-bookable accommodation for each of your stops.


PS Last year's forest fires really devastated this area, and you might want to think about that when picking a route