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Best way to call USA from Europe

We all have the SPRINT EVO cell phone. So no SIM card or intl access. My son is studying abroad in Prague and I would like to know the best way to communicate w him. Question 1 Is WIFI prevalent in College dorms? We do skype and he will have an intraEuropeon cell.
Question 2: What is the best way for me to call him/vise versa when he arrives at Airport,(especially) and then traveling around Europe> Can we call back and forth w an INTL phone?

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Stacey, A few comments on your questions..... (1) I don't know if Wi-Fi is prevalent in college dorms, but I'd be surprised if it wasn't. (2) I'm not sure what an "intraEuropeon cell" is? I assume you mean a GSM Cell phone which has the necessary frequencies to operate in Europe? You didn't specify whether your Son's Cell phone will be operating with a US-based calling plan (SIM) or a European calling plan? That will have some bearing on the cost of voice calls. While some Euro calling plans provide reasonably cheap calls back to North America (depending on plan chosen), this may be costly if making a lot of calls. I'd suggest using text messaging as your primary method of contact, as it's much cheaper than voice. You'll be able to send texts back and forth, even though your phone uses a different technology (I know that works, as I keep in touch with family back home using that method). Hope this answers some of your questions.