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Best spa experiences in Budapest

What places would you recommend for novice tourist, approx cost? Familiar with Gellerts are others maybe better?

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Gellerts is GREAT but the other in Rick's book looks good but we haven't been there yet.

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We went to the Szechenyi Baths located in the city park. It was a fun and memorable experience but a bit confusing. I'd recommend going there but you might enjoy it more if you have a local explain the various options--not a lot of English spoken here. The cost was about $18.00 each. We enjoyed the outdoor pools even in October. If possible take your own bathing suit, towel, flip flops and a plastic shopping bag to put your wet clothes in. Would we go again? Absolutely!

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The Szechenyi only take local currency (cash) and require a bathing cap for both sexes. The caps are available for a few forints at the baths themselves,tho the procedure for getting one is not simple. These are a great place in Budapest and we thoroughly enjoyed them

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Szechenyi Baths are wonderful! I brought my own bathing cap and flip flops. It's weird where you go into leave your clothes in a locker, if you are not used to getting undressed in front of other people, but don't let that stop you. Follow Rick's intructions for paying and hold on to your receipt. If you don't stay the whole time you get a refund. Also of note, the people in the baths seemed very serious and gave me the stink-eye when I started horsing around. Be serious about your bathing and have a great time!

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Thanks to all who have responded. Information most helpfull!!!

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We went to both of the above mentioned baths...each unique and a pleasure. No bathing caps required. Didn't notice anyone wearing flip flops. Rent a cabin rather than locker for private changing. Bring your own towel though rental possible...And a plastic bag for carrying "home" the wet suits. We love the S baths (too lazy to go verify the spelling) was raining so we were already wet..Must be incredible when snowing.

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We have gone to the Szechenyi several times, it is located in City Park. We love it there! You have many choices of the indoor pools and then they have such a great outdoor pool it is truly amazing. They have seperate locker rooms but both sexes can co-mingle in the pools. I have never been required to wear a bathing cap any time I have been there.

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This summer, the pool "police" were blowing their whistles at people without bathing caps who entered one particular pool at Szechenyi--the cooler, lap pool. We were fine without caps in the other two outside pools. Visiting the Szechanyi Baths was my Budapest highlight!