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Best four day train itinerary between Budapest and Prague?

I am planning to take four days to travel by train and or bus from Budapest to Prague. I have done quite a bit of research in the Rick Steve Books on Budapest and Prague and also online. Hence my dilema. So many places look great, but so little time. Has anyone done something like this and could suggest an itinerary? For instance, should I do Bratislava or Brno? It looks like a half day in both would be too little. Should I do the bus from Brno through Trebic, Telc and Trebon (stay one night on the way) or should I go from Brno to Olomouc to Kutna Hora on the way to Prague? Or, maybe you have a completely different suggestion. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Much thanks in advance. Bob

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Why don't you spend those 4 days in Vienna. Fly into Prague on your international flight, use a discount EU carrier and fly to Vienna, train from Vienna to Budapest. International flight from Budapest to home.

Discount carriers:


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Too many options!!
To start with I would go the other direction because Budapest is less crowded and a little slower pace and more enjoyable as the last stop before going home than is Prague. But that’s just my pretty subjective opinion. But going your way:
I spend a lot of time in the region and have done all or part of most of these routes; or some combination that includes parts of most of these routes. I think it’s a little much as I enjoy spending more time at destinations.

Day one: Budapest to Kosice by train
Day two: Kosice to Bratislava by train
Day three: Bratislava to Cesky Krumlov by Shuttle Bus
Day four: Cesky Krumlov to Prague by Shuttle Bus

Day one: Budapest to Gyor by train
Day two: Gyor to Vienna by train
Day three: Vienna to Cesky Krumlov by Shuttle Bus
Davy four: Cesky Krumlov to Prague by Shuttle Bus

(never done this one)
Day one: Budapest to Krakow by Bus
Day two: Krakow
Day three: Krakow to Brno
Day four: Brno to Prague

The follow are not what you asked for but I thought I would throw it out just for the heck of it. I come into contact with a lot of tourists in Budapest and I those that spend less than four full sunrise to sunset days in Budapest almost always comment that they had scheduled more time in Budapest.

Day one: Budapest to Pecs by train
Day two: Pecs
Day three: Pecs to Budapest by train
Day four: Budapest to Prague by train

Day one: Budapest to Eger by train
Day two: Eger
Day three: Eger to Budapest by train
Day four: Budapest to Prague by train

Day one: Budapest to Kosice by train
Day two: Kosice to Strbske Pleso by train and check into the Kempinski High Tatra Hotel
Day three: Strbske Pleso to Bratislava by train
Day four: Bratislava to Prague by train (or spend a 5th day and see Cesky Krumlov along the way.

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To keep with your wishes and maximize your sightseeing time and minimize your travel time one option could be: Bratislava 1 night, Brno 2 nights (optional day trips are in your PM) (or if you want also to stop in Lednice, Valtice, take 1 night from Brno and use it there), Kutna Hora 1 night, then Prague. Second option: Bratislava 1 night, Brno 2 nights, Trebic, Telc, Trebon 1 night (in Telc or Trebon). Depending on your time and wishes on the way from Trebon to Prague you can stop in Benesov and visit chateau Konopiste (about 2 km from Benesov - bus or taxi or by foot (it's also in R.S. book). Or 1 night Bratislava, 2 nights Olomouc (with suggested day trips in my answer to your other post), 1 night Kutna Hora.

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First of all, the basic question is how much moving around are you willing to do during these four days as suggested above in the places to see. I agree with the suggestion to spend all four days in Vienna, unless you've done that already. Otherwise, either choose Prague or Budapest and go south or east from either capital as day trips r/t.

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Thanks to all who have replied, your information is very helpful. I guess what I neglected to say (did not want it to be too long) was that I am going to spend 4 days each in Budapest and Prague. I am trying to use the trip between the two to see some of the wonderful places that are in between. From your information and from Ricks's books, I know I can't see it all, so I thought I would ask the pros. Also, I have already been to Vienna and Cesky Krumlov and they are both wonderful. (those were excellent suggestions) Thanks again for all your help and if you have anything more to add, I am all eyes. This Rick Steves helpline is absolutley wonderful. Bob

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The Budapest to Krakow to Brno to Prague seems to fit your request.

I was amazed at how much I enjoyed Slovakia. Enough to bring me back a couple of times. If you have 4 days to kill then you might take a serious look at it. There is a direct train from Budapest to Kosice which is a really lovely town. Then on to Štrbské Pleso in the High Tatra Mountains for a night. Then on to Bratislava for the night and then on to Prague. As an option you can get a car service out of Budapest straight to Štrbské Pleso and shave a day off the trip.