Berlin - Reichstag Dome

Going to Berlin next week - Has anyone been to the Reichstag Dome in Berlin? I'm so glad I found out I had to make a reservation ahead of time and did just that. But my question is - can you make another reservation? I think I'd like to go back again... is it ok to reserve online another date with your same name/info? On another note - I love photography and would like to take good pictures while there. Are you allowed to take a tripod and nice camera into the Dome to take pictures? I can't find any info on if it's allowed or not. Thank you for your help/advice!

Posted by James
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The whole To the East and To the West thing, well intentioned and relevant to American's over 40 can otherwise be a little confusing. I think you need to go "To the West" for questions on Germany.

Posted by Pam
Burbank, CA, USA
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ok thanks! After Berlin the rest of my trip will be in Eastern Europe - guess I had East Europe on my mind... :)

Posted by Gabriel
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Def go to the DOME! It's incredible! and try to go right as the sun is setting or a little before, it's beautiful... There is also a upscale restaurant on the roof!

Posted by Geoff
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I visited the dome in July. I brought a fairly large tote bag (although small enough to fit under the seat of an airplane) in which I carry my camera equipment, guidebooks, etc. Some museums will make me check my bag, so I had emailed the visitor center to ask if the bag would be a problem and got a vague response, but it turned out not to be a problem at all. Of course, my bag was subject to an airport-style security check. I don't know about a tripod. You can try emailing them.

Posted by Pam
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Thanks all .. I've already gone and come back from my trip. They do allow tripods. :)