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Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest 10 days solo in October

My intial thoughts are arrive in Berlin from the US.
Berlin: 2 nights (travel by train to Prague)
Prague: 3 nights (travel by train to Vienna)
Vienna: 2 nights (travel by train to Budapest)
Budapest: 3 nights (fly back to US)

Do you think this route makes the most sense?

Any idea if Berlin is the least expensive city to fly into?

Are any of these train rides long enough to go overnight? Also, are all the train rides straight shots?

Should I be buying a Eurorail pass before I get there?

I plan on staying in hostels. Should I book these before I go to Europe?

I am a bit lost on a budget for this trip?

Any help would be great! If you cant tell I am a first timer:)

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This is just my humble little opinion, but I think it's all too much for 10 days. These are four large cities, each with TONS to see, and in the case of two of them (Berlin and Vienna) you are only allowing yourself little more than one day of sightseeing time before hopping onto a train again (which will eat up at least half of your travel days).

I've been to all of these cities and would strongly urge you to consider cutting out at least one of them.

On another note, for budget purposes you may want to check out Orangeways Bus Company ( between Vienna and Budapest. We used them recently for this route and paid a fraction on bus tickets than the train would have cost.

Good luck!