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Hello... Looking at these three cities for next summer. Maybe 3 days Berlin, 4 days Krakow and 4 days in Budepest.. Sound about right? Or should we add another city? Been to Prague and Vienna. Thx in advance..Steve

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I loved Krakow, but if I were allocating days (full days, right, not including transit time?), I'd probably give Berlin 4, Krakow 3, and Budapest 4, only because Berlin is so large with so many sightseeing options.

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You might consider Wroclaw between Berlin and Krakow. It's really beautiful and much less crowded than Krakow. We spent an overnight and a full day there and loved it. It will break up what otherwise is a long train ride between Berlin and Krakow. Another option you might think about is a day in Dresden. It's a short train ride from Berlin, so it's doable as a day trip from Berlin, or you can overnight there. We spent two nights there and didn't see everything we wanted to. I agree with Angela that four nights in Krakow is too many. Berlin and Budapest are both major world cities well worth an extended visit.

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Just wondering - are you taking into account travel times? Those destinations aren't close to each other. It seems like you'll lose almost a whole day getting from one to the next, eating up those precious sightseeing hours. Dresden is a 2-hour train ride from Berlin and add 1/2 hour from your hotel to the train station. A lot of time for a day trip, IMHO. But maybe add Dresden as a destination instead of Krakow? It's also on "straight" line from Berlin to Budapest. It's worth 2 days, and Berlin is worth more than 3. If you get bored, a day trip to Potsdam would be my suggestion - much closer than Dresden.

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I just returned from these cities . I agree if you are traveling by train you use a day. Flying would be better. I spent 3 days in Berlin and could easily have stayed 1 or 2 more days. We arrived late at Kracow so 1 more day would have been nice(we stayed 3 nights). Budapest is where 4 days to me is too much. My wife thought 2 days was too much. The city was so smogy(sp) she had problems. I think 3 days would be enough.

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Yes, interesting you should mention the smog thing in Budapest..must be a problem there.. My in-laws have been there twice- I'll have to ask them about this.. Flying Berlin to Krakow looks like the way to go...Thx