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I am in the planing stages of a trip for fall 2009. The trip will be mainly in Eastern Europe.

I was wondering if Belgrade is worth going to? Is it safe? What is there to see and how many days should be spent there?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Belgrade is nothing spectacular. Safe? es no problem there, the usual big city problems of course. Belgrade isn't a pretty city, it's gritty and there just isn't the sights that attract the average traveler. Also, you'd be a full days train ride from anything else of interest. Unless you are really into Serbian culture, you'd be best to focus your time elsewhere. Bosnia is a new and upcoming traveler destination and well worth your time in Mostar and Sarajevo. Croatia of course is amazing, Slovenia as well. If you haven't been to Romania or Bulgaria, you'll find them fascinating places. Ukraine has recently dropped visa requirements, so your passport will open you up to a great city called Lviv, a train away from Krakow, Poland.

Hope that helps,


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Hi there, i must desagree with you Troy.

Belgrade is pronounced for top Europe destination for this year and you can check that information here:

I don't know what have you been doing in Belgrade, but Belgrade is very cool city. I like to say that's the city of great and cheap food and drinks, very hot girls and great night life... Next time try to take advice from locals.

This web is very cool for everyone who like to visit Belgrade

All best,