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beer and food prices in Prague

I will be in Prague for a few days this summer and I am trying to come up with a budget. Can anyone tell me the average cost of a beer in both the touristy and local parts of the city. I would also like to know the price of food at various kinds of restaurants ranging from cheap delis to nice upscale places.

Thanks for the help

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Prague is still pretty cheap, certainly as compared to the UK.

Last year I was paying between 20 and 70 kroner for a pint of beer. The first at a small neighbourhood place in the suburbs (I was visiting a friend) and the second in the old town.

Again, meals ranged from around 200 to 400 kroner for two, depending on where we were. You could certainly pay more and if you are going to eat mainly in the centre you'd probably need to reckon 300k a head on average for dinner.

A lot of Czech restaurants / pubs have websites with priced menus. If you google "czech restaurant menu" you get a range. You can then see the sort of place you fancy and the prices. Probably worth noting that a lot of the cheaper places don't run to a website,so you'll be looking at the top end of the price range.


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Pretty cheap compared to most of the old EU countries, but a little more expensive than other ex-Warsaw Pact members. I can't recall exactly what I paid- its harder to mentally convert from coroners to dollars than for pounds or euro- but it wasn't that much. I ate mostly in the beer-cellar type restaurants, which were about mid-level. These types of restaurants will also serve HUGE amounts of food and beer for a very reasonable cost.

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Hi, my daughter & I were in Prague this last Sept; we ate at small places near Old Town; we would split a lunch or dinner, sometimes; cost usually 30 to 45 CZK for a beer & 250 & up for a meal including any tip we would add; with the dollar dropping, check the exchange rate, especially if you're getting money from an ATM; the subway was 14 CZK, about 70 cents US, 1 way; walking is also easy to get from area to area & so much to look at on the way; have fun Emilie

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Go there every year which my Czech hubby and my advice is to stick with hospodas (like a pub), as the expensive tourist restaurants do not give you more for the money paid & terrible service to boot!
U Medvidku is a decent place to have a beer and some grub (like bacon dumplings) you would usually find in the southern region of CZ. Click english and then look at the menu to give you a good idea of prices.

Ceska Kuchyne is on Havelska is pretty good too. They serve what folks would eat at home and the place is filled with locals.
Word of caution: Cesky pivo is way more potent than pee-water American beer. Most first timers are "happy" with 1 or 2 1/2 liter mugs of it. For more staying power, stick with the 10 (like most Czechs do), as the 12 is way too potent to drink in vast quantities. Don't try to keep up with any of the locals, as "going light" for them is downing 3 1/2 liter mugs. Most regular nights they will consume at least 4 - 6 of them.

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We just returned from Prague last week and we paid 35 CZK for beer(and they have excellent beer!)and 139 CZK for a nice lunch in a nice restaurant (pub style, not white tablecloth). We found that we had to multiply by 5 and drop the last two digits for the correct USD price. So your beer was $1.75 and the lunch was $6.95. We traveled to Vienna after and paid TWICE that amount!