Ballet tickets in Russia

Does anyone if there is a place to get reduced price tickets in St Petersburg for theatres like the Bolshoi? We're seeing $96-$140 start prices online, but are wondering if we could do better when we get there?

Posted by Tom
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I assume you mean the Mariinsky/Kirov. $96-140 seems a little expensive, even for tickets purchased at the door. I payed far less to see an opera there. And yes, there are kiosks where you can buy reduced ticket prices for cultural events. Look for one in the underground walk-way along Nevsky Prospekt.

But beware of a scam! The cashier may try to sell you "reduced price tickets". Although these are legitimate tickets, you can't use them. Tickets to Russian theaters have seperate pricing schemes for Russian citizens and foriengers. Guess who pays more? If you look and speak Russian, you might get away (the ushers don't check IDs), but people with the wrong tickets have been refused entrance.

Another ballet or opera option in St. Petersburg is the cheaper Mussorgsky theater. Although it does not boast the world class talent of the Mariinsky, its performances are professional enough.

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As others have noted the Bolshoi is in Moscow. Be aware that the correct title is the Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Co. Check the schedule at : Click on Discounts for advance payment discounts. And note that you get a full refund if you have to cancel if you meet their requirements.

Posted by carl
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Also note on that web page I listed previously that there is a toll free phone number you can call for more information.

Posted by George
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Just to clarify: Bolshoi Ballet & Opera is in Moscow Mariinsky (former name Kirov) Ballet & Opera is in St. Petersburg Here the some tips: 1. When buying the tickets online, make sure to compare the final prices. Some sellers list very attractive price, but when you are about to order, they put different fees, charges etc in addition. 2. Both companies have a vacation time, starting from 20 to 31 July and finishing from 15 to 30 September. During the vacation time the companies do not have performances in Russia and the venues itself are closed and not available for the visit.
So if visit to Bolshoi or Mariinsky is one of the main highlights of your trip, make your trip not in August or 1st half of September.