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Baja, Hungary?

Has anyone traveled to Baja, Hungary (south of Budapest on the Danube). We have just discovered my husband's great grandfather was born here and we may visit on our quickly approaching trip to Budapest and Serbia. However, the public transportation between Szeged and Baja, and Baja and Budapest, seems to be very slow. We only have a short time in the country and would only be able to spend a few hours here (I know we need more time but can't do anything about our jobs' policies :( ). Is the travel time worth the visit? We have no info on the family's home or anything, so the visit would just be to see the town in general and take it in - for anyone who has been here, is there anything to see or do? ANY insight or suggestions are welcome.

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Angela, We visited the village in Rumania where my grandfather came from. At the Ibis hotel in Constanta we asked the desk clerk if it were possible to find a taxi with an English speaking driver to take us about fifty miles north to the village. She did it in less than ten minutes. I suspect you could follow the same plan in Budapest. I'm not sure what the trip cost in dollars but it was 250 of "their money".

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Looks like a charming town. In looking at where Raja is located vs Szeged it would almost be a crime to skip it. By car the side trip will cost you less than an hour in drive time. Contact a gentleman named ANDREW ILLES in Budapest. He is a pretty outstanding guide that we have known for a decade and I bet he can assist in arranging the road trip. Google the name or Send me a PM and I will give you his contact info.

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Thank you!! I may have found a way to swing it via train, but I will keep Andrew Illes in mind as I finalize things the next couple of days... as always, great insight from rick steves forum-posters. I appreciate it very much!