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Athens: Walk 1 km along Leoforos Vasilissis Amalias from Syntagma Square?

Hi! I need your help. I'm looking to book our hotel for Athens and struggling with location. We have a very late arrival flight (and a very early departure flight three days later), so I need a place near the X95 bus stop. Airotel Parthenon looks like it might be a good fit, but I can't tell how the walk would be (Google maps is great for estimates, but I don't know how the roads are). Are we going to be miserable making this trek at 1am and 6am, or is it doable?

Google's directions:
1. Head south on Leoforos Vasilissis Amalias toward Odos Othonos, About 6 mins, go 0.6 km, total 0.6 km
2.Turn right at Odos Vasilissis Olgas, go 15 m, total 0.6 km
3. Turn left at Leoforos Vasilissis Amalias, About 1 min, go 0.1 km, total 0.7 km
4. Slight right to stay on Leoforos Vasilissis Amalias, About 1 min, go 90 m, total 0.8 km
5. Turn right at Dionysiou Areopagitou, go 55 m, total 0.8 km
6. Turn left at Makri, Destination will be on the right, go 63 m, total 0.9 km
Airotel Parthenon Hotel, 6 Makrigianni Street, Athens, Greece

Thank you!! (other hotel recs are also welcomed!)

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The route you are describing is along a major Athens traffic artery. It'll be brightly lit and there will be plenty of cars going by, but probably not all that interesting. Having said that you'll pass the Temple of Zeus and Hadrian's Arch, and might catch a glimps of the Acropolis up to your right.

The pavements are pretty wide, and if you stick to the National Gardens side of the road for most of the way there aren't many roads to cross.

On the way back, when you know your way around better, you may decide you want to cut through Plaka. It's not any quicker but would be off the main road.

The Hotel Phaedra is about half the distance

My guess is that it isn't the standard you're looking for. It's perfectly clean and comfortable but is a converted old building and the rooms are quite small. To compensate most rooms have excellent Acropolis views.

I, and quite a lot of other people who use this site, like the Attalos.

It's about as far away from the bus stop but a better walk, in my opinion. Just straight down Ermou, which is pedestrianised, and then right onto Athinas.

Have a good trip


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The Airotel Parthenon is at least 25 minutes walk. But only one or two blocks from the X95 bus stop at Syntagma are the Pan, Arethusa, Amazon and Metropolis Hotels, all on Mitropoleos Street. None are more than 5-10 minutes' walk to the bus stop.

The Athens Hilton is further from Syntagma but the bus actually makes a stop there.

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Thank you for the great replies - it looks like I should skip the Airotel this time. I'm in a real pinch here because our budget is tight and we've got these difficult flight times (we arrive at 23:30 and leave 08:15) - so staying near the X95 bus seems like it should be the priority.

I've sent emails to the hotels mentioned - any other suggestions are still very welcomed.

Thank you!

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Please see my post/reply under "Hotel in Athens", the topic directly above yours on the Helpline. I can strongly recommend the Hotel Myrto, which is no more than a 10-min walk from where the X95 drops you off at Syntagma Square. Walk down the incline away from Syntagma toward Filellinon St., cross it, then turn left at the next street, Nikis. Walk 2 blocks to #40. I know the X95 buses to the airport run about 4 times an hour, but since I only paid attention to the afternoon schedule, I can't vouch for the times you mentioned. The schedule is posted by the bus stop at Syntagma. Allow 45-55 mins for the trip, although it's probably less at the times you're traveling. Be aware that the Myrto Hotel is not fancy, so if shabby isn't your style, you may want to consider the Hotel Amalia (part of a hotel chain), which is no more than 2 blocks from the Syntagma bus stop, on Amalias. Get off the bus and go up the incline (you'll see the Parliament bldg across the street), then turn right on Amalias. "CHAT" Tours leave from the Amalia hotel, and G.O. Tours leave from the small square a block from the hotel, in case your plans include a bus tour.