Athens: Lykavittos Hill

We'll be in Athens for only a day this coming May on a cruise. Is it worth going up to Lykavittos Hill? Is the view of the Acropolis and Athens that striking from up there? We're not big museum people (though we'll definitly be visiting the Acropolis Museum) and I'm a photographer. We'll of course be visiting the major sites (Acropolis, Agoura, Plaka, Roman forum, doing the recommended Athens walk, etc)first but I'm just curios if its worth it?

Posted by Lee
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It's just a personal opinion but yes, I thought it was worth it. In your case it might depend on how much "net" time you actually have ashore before you have to be back at the ship.

Posted by Alan
Brighton, UK
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Marcus The view from Lykavittos is good, but it is a little way away from the other sites you want to visit. You can get excellent views from Philopappou which is just opposite the Acropolis and this might be a better bet. Alan

Posted by Katie
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I lived on the slope of Lykavittos for a few years and walked the path up to the top for the views many times. However, if you're looking primarily for getting some great photos I might recommend Philopappos Hill as well. I found that unless the skies were absolutely clear and the pollution levels were very low my photos from Lykavittos looking toward the Acropolis were a bit hazy and not very striking.

Posted by Marcus
Kansas City, United States
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Alan and Katie, thanks so much for the suggestions. I did a little Googling and found a few shots taken from up there and it looks like Philopappou Hill is exactly what I'm looking for! Thanks again!