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Athens - Day trip suggestions needed - BUT 1 Day ONLY =(

I am going to Athens next week with my girlfriend.

We will be there for 6 days.

I think we can see most of the major sites in 2-3 days.

That leaves 3-4 days.

What are some good day trips?

BUT because I used my hotel points for our hotel in Athens (Hilton) we want to go back and sleep there every night. (to save on travel costs)

So what are some good day trips where we can come back to the hotel at night?

Meteroa sounds like it is out of the question, and the islands are probably out also. (Santorini would have been fun though)


Spas of Edipsos?



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Steve's suggestion of Hydra is a good bet. Personally I prefer Aegena, which is slightly closer to Athens and has two excellent sites.

There are some details here

A few of my own photos are here

On the mainland Delphi is a really dramatic site. A conducted tour will set off at around 8 and get you back at around 6. The journey is around 3 hours each way.

Another possibility is a trip of the Argolis that takes in Mycenae, Nafplio and Epidavrus.

If you do either of these I would take sandwiches with you and skip the lunch included option. You end up with a bland lunch in a modern hotel and have less time on the sites themselves.

There is a good index of all the day trips available here


PS we're off for a fortnight in Athens ourselves in three weeks, and counting the days.

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Thanks for the replies!

What about: Spas of Edipsos...Sounio (Temple of Poseidon)...Olympia...Mycenae?

Are those not fesible for a day trip (going and then back that night)?


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I think Olympia is too far for a one day trip.

Sounio is possible as a half day trip. The setting and temple are really nice, but the journey is nothing special.

Mycenae is possible as part of the day tour of the Argolid, together with Nafplio and Epidavrus. It would also be easily possible by scheduled bus.

Another possibility which,as far as I know, has no organised tours to it, is ancient Corinth. There is a lot to see at the Roman site and acrocorinth, the older fortress above, is huge.

We were there on a sunny December day a few years ago and had acrocorinth entirely to ourselves. Walk up high enough and you can see both ends of the Corinth Canal. You also pass over this on the way there.

There are also a couple of things on the outskirts of Athens that are only half days, but might be worth considering.

The monastery at Kessariani is a nice building and set into the hillside above Athens. The 224 bus runs past the Hilton and you can catch this to the end of the line. The monastery is about 30 minutes walk further up, initially walking past the cemetery. Once you cross under the motorway you can cut up onto the shoulder of Mount Immitos, and you get great views back over the Acropolis.

Ancient Elefsis is also a nice site, and there are some nice little places to eat on the coast there. Local buses A16, B16 and E16 all go there from Eleftherias Square on Piraeus Street.

BTW, it might be worth your getting a week travel pass. 10 euros and good for buses, trams and metros. The trips to Kessariani and Elefsis would both be covered by this, but note that trips to and from the airport aren't.


PS I've never heard of the spa of Epidsos. Do you know whereabouts it is?

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Thanks for that. Epidsos looks interesting. I'll add it to my list!