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Athens and the Greek Islands April 6-14

Please give me some tips on clothing/weather April 6-14. I am traveling with my HS son's school on a 10 day spring break study abroad. Which means it will probably be more casual than as an adult travel group.(?) Nonetheless I like to dress fashionably as well as comfortably. While I have researched weather and average temperature and clearly we will be walking a lot I would like to bring comfortable, stylish clothes in the right fiber and colors. Temperatures appear to be 50-65 on ave. A bit cooler than I anticipated. Is there humidity or is it dry? I am tentatively planning on bringing 2-3 skirts(which can be worn with bike shorts under) and 2-3 pr of pants. Do I need hiking type shorts? Can I wear sleeveless shirts mid April? Ditch wool and rely on cotton & blends?
I also was planning to bring a pair of boots that are comfortable for walking but also fashionable with skirts. Will that be season appropriate or too wintry. Do I need a raincoat or can I just rely on an umbrella? (I plan on bringing a windbreaker, a light sweater and 3 jackets that can be worn in the evening or over a sweater if it is chilly during the day.) Thanks for the advice. I feel silly asking but want to do it right and not overpack (as I usually do). Thanks

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April will have 8-9 rainy days, but not all-day rains, more spotty showers. Windbreaker OK Plus SMALL fold-brella for day-bag. for 10 days 3 pr trousers (blends are best, don't wrinkle) are fine, & just 1 skirt. No shorts, no sleeveless, tops cotton knit or blends. 3 jackets/1 sweater? I'd say 2/2. Gives more layering options. Boots OK if u want, but why bother when you are w. a school group, fashion really beside the point. Lace-up day walking shoes, maybe loafers for evening, you're not going out clubbing.

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I agree with Janet. It can be cold and rainy in April. Also, much of the tourist trade is not yet up and running in the islands at that time, so expect alot of closed shops, restaurants, hotels, etc...and limited day tours. Ferry service can be spotty.

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That last answer is really making me chuckle. So a great trip to the islands! Hope we get a bit of sun on Santorini! The good news about closed shops is that it might save me some money (which the group tour is not ). Thanks again. The info was very helpful.. Also got a note today from my sister in law who lives in Italy and she told me to ditch the black/gray clothes and wear some color or neutrals, to leave the boots behind and get some bright colored scarves. So be it. I have to quit thinking "islands" and think April.