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Athens airport - how early do I need to arrive?

We have a bright and early 6:30AM flight from Athens to Venice on Alitalia airlines. How early do I need to get to the airport? I'm hoping we don't need to arrive more than 90 mins ahead of time.

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Alicia my last 2 flights from Athens were back to the states, and were 6:30 and 7:10 ... I was there 2 hrs ahead of time and there were still BIG lines -- it seems they do a lot of flights to the US early in the AM. I don't know that they would dump you if u got there 90 mins ahead. I do know when I got downstairs to the gate area,there is NO place to hve coffee there or a donut. Nada. nothing. Ah greece.

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Hello Alicia. I recommend plan to be at the Athens airport 2 hours before the time of your scheduled flight departure. Travelers could experience a delay in going to the airport. But the Athens airport is a good airport : you will not need to walk a long distance in the airport. Recently I was informed that the METRO trains to the Athens airport will be totally not functioning most of this year. When I was in Athens (in 2005) I was told that the city busses do not have a place for baggage.