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We will be stopping in Athens on our October cruise and plan to take the metro from Piraeus to the Acropolis. We have read many accounts and people seem to differ on which station to exit for the best route to the Acropolis ticket booth. Are there different ticket booths and entry points? Is one route easier, shorter and more scenic than others?
Thanks Richard and Piret

Posted by Lee
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You can reach the Parthenon from either the Monastiraki or Akropoli Metro Stations. From Piraeus Monastiraki is much more convenient. To reach Akropoli you would have to get out at Omonia and catch the Red Line to Akropoli. Going to either station will require walking up the Acropolis to the entrance. Also, it will take you at least 30 minutes to walk from the cruise ship dock to the Piraeus Metro station. By the time you reach the entrance I'm guessing at least 75 minutes will have passed. Taxis meet the ships and will take you right to the entrance for around €25, and it only takes about 20-30 minutes to get there.

Posted by Douglas
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There is only one entry to the Acropolis. Exit the Acropolis Metro stop for the most direct route, which passes the new museum too. It's a reasonable walk along a pedestrian street with amazing Parthenon views.

Posted by TC
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Rick Steves has a guide book just for Med. cruise ports that is very good. We used it in May and found it has a world of info. Many people overlook the Ancient Agora that is well with in walking distane of the Acropolis and has fewer visitors. Very easy to do both in one day. TC

Posted by Paul
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I would vote for Monastiraki. It will be a transfer and several stops before Acropoli, plus you get a better slice of the city on your way to the Acropolis (the plaka, the Agora, maybe the market, a bit of street life)

Posted by Julie
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My vote would be to take the Metro to the Acropoli station and go straight to the sight (the later it gets the more crowded it gets), then walk out and down through the Agora. From there you can walk around the Plaka area. If you have time you could take the metro back to the New Acropolis Museum - if not then just head back to Pireaus.

Posted by Douglas
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I mostly agree with Julie, but would add DO NOT miss the new Acropolis Museum. It is excellent and gives a very nice overview of the ancient site. There is a pretty nice cafe there, although there are plenty nearby too. And it's the kind of musuem where you can spend as much or as little time as you like. While you can exit at the Monastiraki Station and that is very near the Agora (a worthwhile visit), it is not the most direct and easiest way to the Acropolis. There is more uphill climbing, including steps and winding streets. Scenic yes, but not as convenient. If you have the time, you can exit that station, do the Agora, then the Acropolis and finish with the Museum. Any leftover time can be spent strolling the nearby Plaka, making your way back towards Monastiraki. But the most direct route is Acropolis Station.