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My husband and I are getting ready to travel over seas and we will be in Athens fro two and a half days on our own. Then we will be joining a tour of the Greek islands. I am wating to get a tour of the city of Athens that will take us to all the major sights and tell lots of history about them.

I have looked on line and most of what I see is drive by tours and walking tours that you just pass by the major sights. But we want someone to tell us all the history as we are standing in each historical sight.

Can anyone help?

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I am not sure what you mean by "standing in each historical sight." We have used Athens Walk (or something similar to that). The guide and walking tour was outstanding. However, the majority of the time the description was given outside and then went inside for a look. Often it would be inappropriate for a tour guide to give a lecture inside simply because of crowds, noise, or respect if inside a church or cathedral. And then some sights have admission fees. I always view tours, especially hop on/off bus or driving tours. as a overview and orientation, and do not always expect the greatest detail about that site.

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Mylissa - I've taken small groups through Athens for many years;However, this is not the time to be in Athens. I just returned last month and the rioting was small compared to what it is now. I have many Greek friends that tell me that Athens is not the place to be at this moment and, in fact, that the Ferries and Hydrofoils are also being disrupted!! You might want to rethink that part of your trip.


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We visited most of the major sights in Athens recently and found that there were guides outside each site offering their services. We didn't hire any of them so I can't attest to the quality of their knowledge, but it may be another option for you to consider.