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Ataturk Olympic Stadium for U2 concert

I will be in Istanbul in early September and have tickets for the U2 concert (YEAH!). It will be at Ataturk Olympic Stadium. I am sure I can ask the hotel staff once I am in Istanbul, but wondering if anyone has been here and knows how far it is from the city centre, is a taxi possible (with reasonable price), is other public transportation best, etc??? Thanks.

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If I'm not mistaken, I believe this is located one stop away from the airport on the train line. I'm guessing a taxi will cost close to what a ride to the airport will cost.

Hopefully someone more familiar with Istanbul can give you a definitive answer.

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I believe it's the Expo center/arena that is one stop away from the airport. I've never been to the stadium, but I kinda remember reading an article a couple of years ago, that the stadium is located in the middle of nowhere, with no public transport. It was haphazardly built by the government in a failed bid to host the Olympics. The locals hate the place because it's so hard to get to. One of the local soccer teams had to temporarily move there for a year while it's own stadium was being renovated; they played in a near empty stadium for an entire was so hard to get to. I hope I'm wrong about all this and you have a great time at the concert:) On the bright side, architecturally, the stadium is beautiful.