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Apartment Rental Services in Prague

I'm planning a trip to Prague and am looking into renting an apartment rather than a hotel room. Many of the apartments look great and have good reviews on Trip Advisor, but there do seem to be some problems with the rental service companies booking people into a nicer apartment and then transferring them into a not-as-nice one upon arrival. Has anyone had any experience with these services, good or bad? For an example, we have been looking at

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Carly An apartment is a good idea, I think. I always do that when I'm in Prague, and there are a lot of good options around. I've not used the agency you mention, but have had good experiences with I've always found them helpful and the apartments to be as advertised. I've also used which were fine. Cheers Alan

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Thanks, Alan. The Prague-Stay apartments look very nice and seem to have generally positive reviews (or at least no problems with the booking service).

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Several of my friends recommend airbnb. I am trying them this summer for Prague, Vienna & Budapest.

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We've used several rental agencies in Prague including the ones recommended here and on Tripadvisor as being good. We still had issues with reasons why the apartment we picked was not available and wanted to move us to another one. I would not rent from any rental agency in Prague unless they put in writing that I was going to get the apartment I picked and no substitutes.