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Any tips to get from Podgorica to Skopje

We are trying to plan a trip to Eastern Europe for March of this year and having some trouble finding bus and train info. Any tips or sites would be great.
Specifically we having trouble figuring out how to get from Podgorica, Montenegro to Skopje, Macedonia.
We are trying to avoid Kosovo.
Any suggested routes from the south of Croatia to Sofia, Bulgaria while avoiding Kosovo would be greatly appreciated!

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My impression of Skopje is not favorable... actually, I would list is as Europe's worst capital city. Question, are you using Skopje as a transit point to Sofia (a worthwhile destination), or do you want to stay in Skopje for a little bit?

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We don't need to spend any time in Skopje, we are just trying to get to Sofia.
We are flexible and willing to go anywhere. Basically we are just trying to get from the Croatian coast (probably Dubrovnik area) to Sofia. We can stop anywhere along the way.
Would you recommend Lake Orchid?

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I've never been to Lake Ohrid, but from what I have heard, its really beautiful.

Thinking more about your initial post, although I wouldn't stop off in Kosovo, if you find a bus route between Podgorica and Macedonia that passed through Kosovo (I'm aware of none, but they may exist), don't miss the opportunity to see this isolated little corner of Europe. You'll get a fascinating look at a region that seems to have almost skidded back from the 20th to the 19th century. There's virtually no tourist infrastructure, so visiting the region independently is not advisable, but you may find it fascinating to view Kosovo from the window of a bus.

But, the easiest way to visit Bulgaria is probably either from Greece or flying directly. Bus companies from Skopje do provide ground transport to Sofia. As horrible as Skopje is, the trip between the two cities over the mountains offers some spectacular scenery, one of Europe's best kept secrets.

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Sorry I can't help you with your direct route but was in Montenegro last year. We headed south from Ulcinj into Albania and from there into Macedonia (Lake Ohrid followed by Skopje). The key point is that it is very difficult to get good information when on the ground. We got different answers when trying to find out where and when the minibus to Albania left from. So go prepared and do your research ahead of time as there isn't really any tourist offices there.

My suggestion is to try searching the thorn tree (on the lonely planet website) where you may be able to find information about the route you are looking to travel.