Adriatic Coast from Albania to Bari Italy

Considering a 5-6 week trip by rental car from Greece via the Adriatic Coasts of Albania, Montenegro, Croatia to Venice and then down the Italian Adriatic Coast to Bari and crossing over by ferry to Corfu. Any ideas about such long-distance driving through countries mentioned (services, accommodations, etc.) and any useful pointers? Is it too ambitious to do in 4-5 weeks (one week reserved for Greek Aegean to Thessaloniki on outbound portion). How expensive are simple (but clean and comfortable) over-night accommodations along route? Any suggestions or pointers will be greatly appreciated. Proposed routing from Google-Maps below:,22.9519372+to:Thessaloniki,+Greece+to:Dubrovnik,+Croatia+to:Split,+Croatia+to:45.003746,13.9783591+to:Venice,+Province+of+Venice,+Italy+to:Bari+Airport,+Viale+Enzo+Ferrari,+Palese,+Province+of+Bari,+Italy+to:Corfu,+Greece+to:Patra,+Achaea,+Greece+to:Athens,+Kentrikos+Tomeas+Athinon,+Greece&hl=en&ie=UTF8&sll=41.701627,20.775146&sspn=2.325331,5.410767&geocode=Fa8WQgIdlu9sAQ%3BFc98awIdATheASlPFDIhKjmoFDGqtI2REgsudg%3BFXYbbAIdXhteASnt4CgU9DioFDGpdNW4Fee6CQ%3BFSnMigIdVxkUASl96DUIootLEzEA1SuGUK0ABA%3BFaThlwIdgtv6ACkX9bxr_F01EzGYn7Qx9o95oQ%3BFeKzrgId90rVACmZMUlTHTVjRzE0eWbZ13jLxg%3BFU9ft QIde-u7ACmJPdbx2rF-RzEvEJK98Majew%3BFWS1cwIdEtHACECGDmOKe60CmJ5SN3de9HEzECG_DmOKe60A%3BFb9tXAIdTZcuASn57JuP1k1bEzFExa1MYxLjRQ%3BFfCYRwIdrqRLASkt7SSlmTVeEzGgjLniLL0ABA%3BFeOVQwIdnhRqASnxQ3AGH72hFDHdjWZ2RTU2Jw&via=1,5&t=m&z=6&source=gplus-ogsb Thanks.

Posted by Paul
Cedar, IA, USA
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I think maybe the first thing to verify is that a rental car company will actually allow you to take that trip. Albania, in the past, has had issues with security, there may be issues with a rental car firm allowing you to travel there. Italy in fact is often restricted by some companies as well, unless you rent there. Another issue is that rental car companies are skittish about taking cars on ferries. Add to that a mix of EU, non-EU countries, differing requirements for may be not possible to rent (or at least a single rental).

Posted by George
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Thank you Paul for your input. I will check with the major auto-rental companies here before leaving. Thanks for your alert.